Designing my face off in Cincinnati. Branding, design, and illustration. Made in the Queen City. For You.


Sean M. Foster

Hi. My name is Sean. Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Now, a little about me.

I have been practicing graphic design for ten-plus years. I have been writing as long as my fingers would let me. I have been making art my whole life. Since 2013, I have been doing all three in the great Queen City of Cincinnati.

Since moving here, I have worked as an art director and designer for two local ministries. I have helped start and participated in a series of local visual and spoken word performances called nip nip. I have done work with and for Xavier University, the University of Dayton, and Artworks. I have been a featured poet at both Chase Public and the Word of Mouth series at MOTR.

Although not a religious person, working in ministry has humbled me. Not only was I able to make my mother and grandmother smile when I told them what I did all day, but I have been able to be a part of something bigger than myself. This has helped me to see the world differently. I believe all great businesses, artists, startups, movements, products, have this at their core. They are not the end, but participants in something greater. A select few have the opportunity to partner with others to achieve a vision unimaginable at the beginning. Design is one node of this type of interaction between movement and creative person. Design is one method for movement. Design is one method.

How can I serve you?

I view design as one approach to solving problems. These problems often fall into the realm of communications and/or marketing, but not always. I view design as a mindset. Designers are— artists in disguise—willing to put their tools and skills in service to a cause or for a brand. This is not a new idea. But, it may give pause to some new to its implications. I am not simply a vendor. Nor should any designer be. My self and my work are here to serve you, or your goals.


I have two great gifts. One, is the way I see. It is a flexible vantage. I try to look at things differently. More than simply perspective or lighting, what will something look like when it breaks? When it melts? How did it look in the past? This gift helps me to ask a lot of questions. I want to learn about what I am seeing. Deeply, if possible.

Two, I am obsessed with problems. I love thinking about how to solve a puzzle. The only thing better than solving a puzzle is solving it twice, and doing it faster the second time. The only thing better than this is if the puzzle is one I never imagined existed. I love to be challenged. Deeply, when possible.


So I am a visual nerd, obsessed with puzzles. I love type and color. Photography. Hierarchy and organization. I love the Internet. And print. I love managed chaos, or chaos re-imagined. I love putting my loves in service to your vision of the world, or to your vision of a product, or to a cause, or brand. I love working on my part of the story, but how can I help you tell yours?

PS. I know I am holding that camera wrong.