fosterious | Marketing Campaign for Paula D'Arcy's Stars at Night
Graphic campaign for a book, Stars at Night, by Paula D'Arcy. Published in Cincinnati by Franciscan Media. Marketing campaign by Sean M. Foster, Cincinnati graphic designer.
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Stars at Night

Stars at Night book cover Stars at Night meme 1 Stars at Night meme 2 Stars at Night meme 3 Stars at Night meme 4 Stars at Night meme 5 Stars at Night meme 6 Stars at Night meme 7 Stars at Night meme 8 Stars at Night meme 9 Stars at Night meme 10 Stars at Night meme 11 Stars at Night meme 12

This series of evocative images were meant to make folks think carefully about their own place in the universe. Grief is not the end. Neither is death. And the dark too, serves its purpose in life.

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About This Project

“Drink in Paula’s words They will wrap you in a luminous, black shawl of knowing. Let her take your hand, and dip it into the cool, dark, healing river of life.” — Mary Busby, SAGRADA Sacred Arts, Oakland, California


“There are precious few trustworthy doctors of grief and loss, but Paula D’Arcy is one of them. She has walked through extraordinary tragedy in her own life, has counselled others through their darkness, and writes here about the light can be seen there. Stars at Night offers a guide, a GPS, of how to find your way through grief and struggle.” —Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, author of The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality and president of the oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas


In this captivating new work, D’Arcy begins with her own personal experience of loss and brings the reader with her, explaining how the enveloping darkness eventually began to lift, how night slowly became day again, and how she came to recognize the experience as a natural part of life. Anyone who has experienced great loss, or who has felt lost in the darkness, will gain new hope from The Stars at Night.


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