fosterious | Marketing Campaign for Laurence Freeman's Sensing God
Graphic campaign for a book, Sensing God, by Laurence Freeman, OSB. Published in Cincinnati by Franciscan Media. Marketing campaign by Sean M. Foster, Cincinnati graphic designer.
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Sensing God

Sensing God meme 7 Sensing God meme 3 Sensing God meme 2 Sensing God meme 1 Sensing God meme 4 Sensing God meme 5 Sensing God meme 6 Sensing God meme 8 Sensing God meme 10 Sensing God meme 11 Sensing God meme 12 Sensing God meme 13 Sensing God meme 14 Sensing God meme 15 Sensing God meme 16 Sensing God meme 18 Sensing God meme 19 Sensing God meme 20 Sensing God meme 23 Sensing God meme 7

This series of photographic treatments was created to evoke tranquility as well as a sense of preparation for the season of Lent, using a custom cool filter and purple tint. Showing people and nature (often specifically in fog) was an intentional mood device for both the author and text's connection to the mystical side of spirituality. Bridges, walkways, forests, and trees were all chosen as subject matter. These, with or without people, represent conduits or 'spaces between' the interior and exterior worlds.

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About This Project

“Beware of the person of one book.” —Saint Thomas Aquinas


Many people feel drawn to what meditation offers (quiet, reflection, stillness, time alone with God), but few have tried it. Some Christians even feel that they shouldn’t meditate. In Sensing God—Benedictine monk, priest, and spiritual teacher Laurence Freeman may just change some minds.


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